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ego princeps mundi

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Q: How do you say i am the ruler of the world in Latin?
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How do you say 'the world' in latin?


How do you say Out Of This World in Latin?

De hoc mundo: Out of This world

How do you say mad world in Latin?


What is the Latin word for Ruler?


What is the name of an ruler of an empire?

The name of the Empire ruler is Emperor from the latin Imperator

How do you say 'hold the world' in Latin?

Tene mundum.

Why does dictator mean in Latin?

a ruler who is Unconstrainable

How do you say The king of my world in Latin?

Rex mei mundi.

How do you say 'I have a ruler' in Spanish?

To say 'I have a ruler' in Spanish, you would say, 'Tengo una regla.'

How do you say You are the best friend in the world in latin?

Amicus es in mundo.

When was The World Ruler created?

The World Ruler was created in 2006.

What is the Latin root for ruler?

Terra is the Latin word for 'earth' Terrarium is a container of earth and plants