How do you say karate?

Updated: 2/22/2023
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Q: How do you say karate?
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How do you say I like karate?

I like karate

How do you say karate in Welsh?

Ffederasiwn Karate Traddodiaeth Cymru

Is karate better or boxing?

I would say karate but it is all a matter of opinion.!! :)

How do you say What is up karate kid in spanish?

que pasa karate kid?

How do we say 'right' in Karate?

If you mean the direction 'right', we call it migi in karate.

How do you say Kung Fu in japenesae?


How do you say the karate kid is my favourite film?

sono karate kiddo is waga honmei Japanese

What was the first country to say karate?

Karate is a word from Okinawa. It is now a part of Japan, but at the time was an independent kingdom.

Is karate same as folk arts?

Yeah karate is also very ancient as the other folk arts. So we can say that the karate comes in the category of folk arts.

How do you say karate in German?

Karate is an Okinawa/Japanese word that is used as is to name the art in other countries. The Germans call it karate, as to almost all other countries.

What do you say when greeting a karate master?

You bow. That's it.

How do you say attention in a karate class?

ski. i probably did not spell that right but thats how you say it