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"Un pie cuadrado"

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Q: How do you say one square foot in Spanish?
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How do you say 'foot' in Spanish?

'Foot' in Spanish is 'pie.'

How do you say foot ball in Spanish?

Football in Spanish is fútbol. :)

How do you say left foot in Spanish?

pie izquierdo

How do you say square root in spanish?

The Spanish term is "raíz cuadrada."

How do you say square in spanish?

El cuadrado as in a square shape.La plaza as in a square in a town.

Is it correct to say 200 square foot or 200 square feet?

200 square feet is correct answer.

Explain how there are 144 square inches in a square foot?

To find the two-dimensional area of a square, you must multiply two one-dimensional measurements together (say "length" times "width").So, for instance, if you have a square that is one foot (length) by one foot (width), multiply those two measurements together: 1 foot * 1 foot = 1 square foot, because one times one is one.If you want to measure that same area in inches, you need to convert the one-dimensional measurements from feet to inches before you multiply them. Since 1 foot = 12 inches, the square I mentioned above is 12 inches * 12 inches = 144 square inches, because twelve times twelve is one hundred forty four.

How do you say big foot in spanish?

"big foot" translates to "pie grande" ( pEEay grahn-day).

How do say walk in spanish?

"A pie" means "on foot". For "to walk", you could say "caminar" or "andar".

What is the square foot of 50x10?

500 that is it ask again if you have more to say

How do you say page one hundred in spanish?

how do you say one hundred pages in spanish

How do you cover a square foot of a square or how do you find the square foot of a square?

By measuring the sides of the square. Say you have a square that is 48" by 48". If you take the 48 and divide that by 12 you get 4. 4 is how many feet one side is. Being it's a square then all sides will be equal in length. So you have a square that is 4 ft bu 4ft. 4 X 4 = 16.

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