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"so cute" in Japanese is "Kawaii yo" (かわいい、よ!) the first word, Kawaii is cute by itself. The "yo" adds the extra emphasis needed to make the phrase into "so cute".

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Q: How do you say so cute in japanese?
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How do you say cute in Japanese?

Kawaii- cute

How you say cute in Japanese?

Kawaii- cute

How do you say you are so not cute in Japanese?

Anata WA kawakunai desu

What is Japanese for you look cute?

You may say 'kawaii desu.'

What is a good name for a baby lamb that is a girl and she is so cute?

Vanilla Cotton Snow Sweetie Söpö ( Finnish for cute ) Carino ( cute in Italian ) Kawaii ( Cute in Japanese ) Yuki ( Snow in Japanese )

Concept of using a frog in keroro gunso?

That is hard to say, however frogs are generally appealed as "cute" in Japanese anime (just look at Japanese keychains) so that is probably why.

How do you say cute cat in japanese?

If you say 'that cat over there's cute isn't it', it would be 'are wa kawaii neko desu ne?' So kawaii is cute and neko is cat. If you wanted to say kitten, it's koneko, literally child cat. Then it would be 'kawaii Koneko' . :) Hope this helped!

Why do people get mad at people for saying kawai or kawaii when they aren't Japanese?

kawaii refers to cute.. when you say kawaai to someone.. or a friend.. you mean to say.. he/she is cute..

Is elsword a Japanese game?

yes elsword is a japanese game. and who thought japanese girl could be so CUTE!!!

How do you say 'you are so cute i like when you smile i wish i could meet you' in Japanese?

Anatano egaowa totemo kawaiidesu. Hayaku aitai desu

How do you say he is so cute in spanish?

Translated from English to Spanish its 'el es tan lindo. This is how you say he is, so cute in Spanish.

Are necklaces cute?

It depends on the type, crosses are nice but if you had a Japanese symbol it wouldn't look so "cute"