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Nora inu


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Q: How do you say stray dog in Japanese?
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What is the name of a dog without a house?

A homeless dog is a stray

If a dog is a stray will it beable to survive in a city?

Maybe your dog or the stray dog will if it is carful enough.

What is Japanese for stray?

野良 /no ra/ means 'stray'.

When was Stray Dog Café created?

Stray Dog Café was created in 1911.

When was Stray Dog - album - created?

Stray Dog - album - was created in 1999.

How do you say dog in Japanese?

Dog: Inu, 犬

Why do people like stray dog in the society?

Anyone who wants a stray dog to roam the streets is not to be trusted.

How do you say dog canal in Japanese?

犬小屋 (inu goya) is "dog house" or "kennel" in Japanese.

Where do you put stray in a sentence?

you put stray in a sentence that is talking about homeless dogs. for example The stray dog is in the dog pound. I'm sorry if this doesn't answer your question.

What is the name for a stray dog?

stray (homeless)

How are pet dogs different from stray dogs?

Pet dog are different from a stray dogs is* pet dog are good looking n they care by all the human ..and also they get more love then stray dog*stray dog are not that much good looking ...and also they did not get more Care and love from the human ....

How do you say red dog in Japanese?

赤い犬 (akai inu) would mean "red dog" in Japanese.