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"Dare to defy" in English is Audé repugnáre in Latin.

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, the English football club, Tottenham Hotspurs, has the words "audere est facere" wich means "to dare is to do" in their logo.

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Q: How do you say to dare in Latin?
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How do you say do not give in latin?

Singular: Noli dare! Plural: Nolite dare!

How do you say give in latin?

Dare--to give.

How Do You Say Dare to Be Different in latin?

Aude distare.

How do you say We dare not pray in Latin?

non orare audetis. But my latin skills aren't perfect.

How do you say dare to remember in Latin - is aude memento correct?

Aude meminisse.

When was Dare I Say created?

Dare I Say was created in 2004.

To dare to do to go or to say?

to dare to say to go or to do. Venture

Dare to feel in latin?

Sentire Aude

How do you say lets play truth or dare?

You say either, "Let us play truth or dare?" Or you say, "Let's play truth or dare?"

What is the Latin root of data?

Do, Dare, Dedi, Datum = to give

Dare in a sentence?

There was something, dare I say it, a little unusual about him.

What is Tiffin Girls' School's motto?

The motto of Tiffin Girls' School is 'Dare to be Wise'.