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The long, pointless meaning left him in a state of ennui. (pronounced on-we)

My ennui lasted until late afternoon, when my friends arrived with some exciting news.

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Q: How do you use ennui in a sentence?
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How do you use the word ennui in a sentence?

"Some people seem to confuse sophistication with ennui"

Sentence for ennui?

Ennui, essentially, means boredom. An example sentence would be: She felt like she was going to die from her ennui.

What is a sentence using the word ennui?

Ennui is actually another word for boredom. An example sentence would be: Her ennui was very apparent to everyone there.

How could you use the word ennui as a noun in a sentence?

A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples:Her ennui made it difficult for her to study. (subject of the sentence)The mood that the ennui produced sapped her ambition. (subject of the relative clause)We could see the ennui in his body language. (direct object of the verb 'could see')He was plagued by ennui after a death in his family. (object of the preposition 'by')

Ennui in a sentence?

I feel ennui when i think of how my life is going to turn out with my boyfriend and me.

How would you use apathy indifference and ennui in a sentence?

"Is apathy similar to indifference, or is it more like ennui?" -- though somehow I don't see that impressing your instructor much.

What does tres ennui mean?

"ennui" is a French word meaning boredom. Très means very, much. The whole sentence should read "très ennuyeux" (very boring) or "quel ennui" (what a bore)

What is the pronunciation of ennui?

pronunciation of ennui

What is a ennui?

"Ennui" is the French word for boredom.

When was No Ennui created?

No Ennui was created in 1995.

What part of speech is ennui?

"Ennui" is a noun of the abstract type.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ennui ennui - 2013?

The cast of Ennui ennui - 2013 includes: Benjamin Crotty as Voix de Barack Obama Esther Garrel as Seher

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