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¿Qué quieres decir? or ¿Qué dices? I don't understand you = "No te entiendo"

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Mis abuelos son muy mayores ellos estΓ‘n un poco

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Q: How does one say what do you mean in Spanish?
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How you say mean in spanish?

How to say "mean" in spanish is significar hope that helped!

Did yo mean to say in spanish?

- ¿Queria usted decir? Thats - Did you mean to say? - In Spanish

How do you say What do you mean in spanish?

English: What do you mean? Spanish: ¿Qué quieres decir?

How do say what do you mean in Spanish?

English: What do you mean? Spanish: ¿Qué quieres decir?

What does madelaine julbert mean in Spanish?

If the name is not IN Spanish, then it has no meaning in Spanish. If you want to know how to say that name in Spanish, you would say it the same as you say it in English, since it has no translation in Spanish. Many names have no translation in languages other than the one they are in originally.

How do you say love Spanish in Spanish?

I assume you mean "I love Spanish"; one way to say that is "Me encanta el español".

What does 18 mean in spanish?

If you are asking how you say 18 in Spanish, it is said like one would say "10 and 8" in Spanish (Diez y Ocho) but spelled differently Dieciocho.

What does supper mean in spanish?

Do you mean how you say it in Spanish? Because that would be cena. Supper is not a Spanish word.

What does 'decir' mean in spanish?


How do you say page one hundred in spanish?

how do you say one hundred pages in spanish

How do say welome to Spanish in Spanish?

If you mean to say "welcome", as in you're welcoming someone into your home, then you say "bienvenido"

What does language mean in spanish?

You mean how to say language in Spanish? Idioma or Lengua. Most people say lenguaje now days.

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