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the toy store

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Q: In the short story the lesson where did miss Moore take the children for their lesson?
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When was History Lesson - short story - created?

History Lesson - short story - was created in 1949.

How do you make a short story have a lesson?

You start with the lesson and write the story around it.

What is the main lesson of the short story the fun they had?

"The Fun They Had" is a short story by Science Fiction maven, Isaac Asimov. It's about computerized home schooling and teaches a lesson of how children miss out on social interaction if they are not going to school with other children. It was originally written for the newspaper in 1951.

What is an example of a short story with a moral lesson?

the moral lesson of short stories lottery ticket

In the story The Lesson Why did Sylvia not like Miss Moore?

She was refined and promoted learning

What is a short story with a simple moral lesson?

a fable

What is the moral lesson in the story children of the city?

the theme

What is the moral lesson of the short story your father goes to court?

Your Father Goes to Court is a short story written by Carlos Bulosan. The moral lesson is to never let your poverty be your weakness.

What is the simple moral lesson called from a short story?

A short story with a moral lesson is called a parable. It differs from a fable in that fables use animals, plants, or inanimate objects to tell a story, where a parable uses humans.

A short story that teacher a lesson about life ot gives advice on how to live?

A short story that teaches a lesson about life and gives advice on how to live is a parable. They are also called fables sometimes.

What is a short story involving animals that teaches a moral lesson?

A fable is a short story which involves animals as characters and convey a lesson. The most famous fables are the ones written by the Greek, Aesop.

What is very short story with a strong moral lesson?

Allegory. Allegory

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