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My heart (mo chroí)

by (ag)

with you (leat)

my love (mo ghrá)

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Q: Mo chroi ag leat mo gra?
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Tá do chara ag dul leat?

"Tá do chara ag dul leat" means "You're friend is going with you"

Beidh me ag caint leat ar ball?

"Beidh mé ag caint leat ar ball" means "I'll be talking to you soon"

What is the Gaelic translation for waiting for you?

In Irish it's "ag fanacht leat"

What is the Irish for 'you love skateboarding'?

Is aoibhinn leat bheith ag clárscátáil

How do you say i enjoy speaking with you in Gaelic?

Is maith liom ag caint leat

How do you say I am falling in love with you in Irish?

Tá mé ag titim i ngrá leat

How do say luck is with you in Gaelic?

An t-adh leat (pronounced: on thaw lat) Another Answer:Tá an t-ádh ag rith leat. (Irish Gaelic)

How do you say 'talk to you later' in Irish?

beidh mé ag caint leat ar ball

How do you say you like playing mathes in Irish?

Is maith leat ag glacadh páirte sna cluichí

What does this mean in English Romhat ea mo anam tog dun mo neart ag gra ion?

It's not actually a sentence, it's just a nonsensical string of words in Irish. "romhat" means "before you" ea is one part of the copula "is ea" "mo" means "my" "anam" means "soul" (my soul is m'anam) "tóg" means "take / lift / build" "dún" means "close / fort" "neart" means "strength" "ag" means "by" "grá" means "love" "íon" means "pure"

How do you say I'm falling in love in Irish?

Irish "Gaelic": Táim ag titim i ngrá leat. (Scottish) Gaelic: ?

Tá tú ag mo chara is fearr agus is breá liom tú?

"Tá tú ag mo chara is fearr agus is breá liom tú" means "My best friend has you and I like you"