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Q: What color rhymes with kite?
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What rhymes with orange and elephant?

smack rhymes with black kite rhymes with white dont know what rhymes with orange

What animal rhymes with morning?


What rhymes with quite that's about Harry Styles?


What rhymes with the word sprite?

kite, height, might

What rhymes with goodnight?

fight light might tight kite

What rhymes with despite?

light flight bite kite polite

What rhymes with Dwight?

light fight kite sight bite

What is an electrically produced source of brightness that rhymes with kite?


What rhymes with rite?

Bite, kite, mite, white, and site.

What rhymes with uptight?

"Alright" is a word that rhymes with "uptight".

What is sometimes shaped like a diamond has a tail and rhymes with bite?

A kite.

Science project for which kite flies the highest Blue or red?

Color doesn't affect how the kite flies. You can fly any color kite and it wont make a difference.