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A plus tard mean until later. Used at the end of a meeting or conversation, is a familiar and common way of bidding someone goodbye.

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it means "see you later"

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Q: What does A plus tard mean?
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What does a' plus tard mean in french?

"à plus tard" by itself means "see you later". In another context, "remettre à plus tard" means "to postpone"

What does nouvelles plus tard mean?

Je vous donnerai des nouvelles plus tard = I'll update you later

What does plus tard je voudrais mean?

"Plus tard je voudrais ..." means "Later / in the future I would like ..." in French.

What does appelle moi plus tard mean?

"Call me later".

What does plutard mean in french?

plus tard means later

What does que plus tard mean in French?

It means "later"

What does salut bel homme à plus tard mean?

salut bel homme, à plus tard means hello handsome, see you later.

What does 'a plus mec' mean?

à plus (tard), mec is translated 'see you (later), dude'

What is 'later' in French?

plus tard I'll do it later: je le ferai plus tard

How do you say 'later' in french?

later -> plus tard (sounds like: plew tar)

What does et à plus tard mean?

well all it means really is allullullations

What is iwill see you later in french?

"I will see you later" in French is "Je te verrai plus tard."