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who do you ask a question on directions to get to your hotel

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Q: What does a quien le pides direcciones para llegar a tu hotel mean in spanish?
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What does pides ayuda mean in spanish?

"Pides ayuda" in Spanish translates to "you ask for help" in English.

What does donde pides la comida mexicana mean?

In Spanish, "Donde pides la comida Mexicana" means "Where can you get Mexican food" in English

What does Que pides cuando tienes mucha hambre mean?

¿Que pides cuando tienes mucha hambre? This is a Spanish question meaning in English, What do you order when you're very hungry?

How much do you charge to cut the grass in spanish?

cuanto pide usted/pides para segar la hierba? (formal/informal)

What does Que pides en Mc Donald's mean?

What do you order in McDonalds.

What does por que no te des pides demi mean?

Por que no te despides de mi = Why don't you say goodbye to me

What is the Conjugation of pedir?

yo pido tu pides vd. pide el/ella pide nosotros/as pedimos vostros/as pedeis vds. piden ellos/as piden

What are the present tense forms of pedir in Spanish?

Pedir is a stem-changing (e→i) -ir verb. Here are the present tense conjugations:Yo pido.Tú pides.Él/ella/usted pide.Nosotros pedimos.Vosotros pedís.Ellos/ellas/ustedes piden.

Who sings a song with the lyrics soy tu esclavo si tu me lo pides soy tu gato y tu mandadero?

the song se llama "cacheteando banquetas" by los grandes de tijuana...

Que pides cuando no hay carne?

What do you order when there is no meat? Pido pescado (prefiero camarones) si estoy en un restaurante, o pizza si estoy en casa con mi familia. Algo vegetariano es una posibilidad.

What are some of the most recent songs of Sin Miedo A Nada?

Sin Miedo A Nada is the name of a 2002 song, not a singer or group, off singer Alex Ubago's 2001 album Que pides tu (What you ask?). There were two versions release, a solo by Ubago and a duet with Ubago and Amaia Montero.

Translate to English please precioso sorry mi cell no funciona te estoy mandande es de mi comp sorry k te kede mal pra laa otra you pides lo k tu kieras te kiero mucho chikito?

Precious, Sorry, my cellular phone does not work. I am sending this (message) from my computer. Sorry I stood you up (something to that effect) but for next time you can ask for whatever you want. I love you very much Chikito.