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"She is the best student in the class"

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Q: What does elle est la meilleure etudiante dans la classe in English?
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How do you say Je suis dans la classe in English?

Je suis dans la classe means 'I am in the classroom'.

What is dans la classe de français il y a in English?

Dans la classe de français means "in French class" in French. Dans la classe de français il y a dix-neuf élèves: there are nineteen students in French class.

What is 'dans la classe' when translated from French to English?

"In the class" and "in the lesson" are English equivalents of the French phrase dans la classe. Context makes clear which option suits for the feminine singular prepositional phrase. The pronunciation will be "daw la klahs" in French.

What is 'Est dans la classe' when translated from French to English?

"Is in the class" is an English equivalent of the incomplete French phrase Est dans la classe. The incomplete declarative or interrogative statement also translates as "Is in the lesson" in English according to context. The pronunciation will be "ey daw la klas" in French.

What does qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta salle de classe mean?

It means "What is in your classroom?" in English.

What does IL y a 1 eleves dans ma salle de classe mean?

"Il y a 1 élève dans ma salle de classe" means "There is 1 student in my classroom" in English.

How do you say a class in french?

Dans la classe.

What is 'In the classrooms' in French?

Dans les salles de classe.

What does elles sont dans la sallee classe mean?

They are in the classroom.

How do you say wecome to our class in french?

Bienvenue dans notre école. (Welcome to our school)

What does vous êtes combien dans ta classe mean?

"how many are you in your class?"

How do you say Why am I in this class in french?

Pourquoi suis-je dans cette classe?