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my girl is cute

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Q: What does mi chica bonita mean in English?
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What does muy bien mi chica bonita mean in English?

Very well my pretty girl.

What does mi bonita mean?

mi bonita is my beautiful.

What does 'mi novia bonita' mean in English?

It means, my lovely girlfriend.

What does mi chica linda mean in English?

"Mi chica linda" is Spanish for "my beautiful girl" or "my pretty girl."Hope that helps!Cheers.

What does que bonita esta mi hermano mean in english?

How beautiful my brother is

Translate Mi amor es fuego chica bonita?

"My love is fire, pretty girl"

What does Mas Luego mi chica mean in English?

much later my girl

What does Muy bonita senorita es mi chica mean?

"Muy bonita señorita es mi chica" means "My girl is a very pretty lady". It is pronounced "mwee bow-NEE-tah sehn-your-EE-tah ess me CHEE-cah". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What does 'perdΓ­ a mi chica principales' mean in English?

The Spanish 'perdí a mi chica principales' means, in English, literally 'I lost my main girl'; it's the same as saying, 'I lost my girlfriend'.

What does 'mi esposa bonita y hermosa' mean in English?

My pretty and beautiful wife.

What does tu es mi bonita esposa tiempre means in English?

i assume you mean "tu eres mi bonita esposa siempre" which means "you are are my beautiful wife, always"

What is the sentence Hola chica bonita en mi vida mean?

"Hola chica bonita en mi vida" means "Hello pretty girl in my life". It is pronounced "OH-la CHEEK-ah bow-NEE-tah ehn me BEE-da". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

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