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somoza a lot of bambino and

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Q: What does somoza mucho bambino y mean in spanish?
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What does you mucho mean in spanish?

a lot

What does mucho Spanish mean?

A lot. Much! :)

What does mucho mean in spanish?

A lot or much.

What is the spanish word for mucho?

i think you mean what is the English word mucho=much, a lot

What does the french somoza mean?

Somoza is not french

What does mucho punocho in spanish mean?

'mucho...' means 'a lot of...' 'punocho' I don't know.

What does very much mean in spanish?


What does the word mucho mean in spanish?

A lot or much.

What is Mucho gusto mean in enlish?

The Spanish word 'Mucho Qusto' means nice to meet you in English.

What does mucho justo mean in spanish?

very just/fair

What does many mean in spanish?

many means mucho ...and alot

What does the spanish word mucho mean in English?

"I read a lot."