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my last name is smiley i have no clue were it come from are what it mean

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Q: What does the last name smiley mean?
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Are Tavis Smiley and Rickey Smiley related?

No! Tavis Smiley took his mother's second husband last name.

What does the name gulen mean?

It means Smiley.

What does miley's name mean?

It means Smiley, she changed he name to Miley because she used to smile a lot. -Smiley Miley-

How do you get a smiley beside your name in ourworld?

If you mean the little pixel smiley face, then you must be a volunteer for Ourworld.

What does the name Cyrus mean?

its a name it symbolises her being a smiley child xx

What is the birth name of Tava Smiley?

Tava Smiley's birth name is Smiley, Tava Michelle.

What is the birth name of Norman Smiley?

Norman Smiley's birth name is Norman Anthony Smiley.

What is the birth name of Jason Smiley?

Jason Smiley's birth name is Smiley, Jason Dean.

What is the birth name of Tavis Smiley?

Tavis Smiley's birth name is Tavis E. Smiley.

Name of a smiley icon?

my best friend is a smiley icon, his name is bob

What is Miley's last name?

Cyrus.and her first name was smiley because her dad said she smiled alot and changed it leagally to Miley Cyrus.

What deos the name miley mean?

When she was a kid she smiled great and it turned into "smiley" shortened to "Miley"