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A shirt

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Q: What has a neck and no head two arms but no hands?
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What has a neck no head two arms but no hands?

a neckarm

What has a neck and no head two arms and no hands?


What has a neck two arms no head but no hands?

a neckarm

What has two arms and a neck but no head?


What has a neck but no head two arms?

the headless horseman!

Neck but no head you have two arms but no hand what are you?

I am Shirt

How do you slow dance with a guy?

Put your arms around his neck and lay your head on his shoulder, put your arms on his shoulders with a distance between you two and look him in the eyes and you can talk to!(It helps if they are taller!) and if you wanna be fancy do the fancy style were your holding hands with one hand, his hand should be on your hip and your on where his hip is.

What has a face and two hands but arms or legs?

A clock

What are two types of concussion?

Head and Neck

What are the two parts of the human skeleton?

Axial which makes up the head, neck and spinal column, and appendicular which makes up your extremities (arms and legs), shoulder, and pelvic region.

What has two hands and a face but no arms and legs?

a clock

What two parts of your body can not touch the soccer ball?

Hands or arms.