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Maiden name in latin is name virginis.

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Q: What is maiden name in latin?
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What is the Latin name for maiden?

The Latin for maiden is virgo.

Where does the name Virgo come from?

Virgo comes from Latin meaning "virgin maiden".

What is the definition behind the name Jinea?

The name Jinia means Virgin, or Maiden. It has American, Australian, Japanese, and Latin origins.

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What is Saturn's maiden name?

I don't think you understand the concept of a "Maiden Name". If you are asking what the planet Saturn was originally called, here are some options: Latin: Saturnus Greek: Kronos Hindu: Shani Hebrew: Shabbathai Arabic: Zuhal

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What are the seven plants of autumn?

HAGI: bush clover, Latin name is Lespedeza thunbergiiSUSUKI (also say OBANA): Japanese pampas grass, Latin nameis Miscanthus sinensisKUZU: arrowroot, Latin name is Pueraria lobataNADESHIKO: pinks, Latin name is Dianthus superbus var.longicalycinusOMINAESHI: damsel flower or maiden flower, Latin name isPatrinia scabiosaefoliaFUJIBAKAMA: no English name, Latin name is Eupatrium foltneiKIKYOU (also called ASAGAO): balloon flower, Latin name isPlatycodon grandiflorum

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maiden name