What is room in Latin?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The word room translated into Latin is camera or cella

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Q: What is room in Latin?
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How do you say dining room in Latin?

Tricilinium is Dining room in Latin.

What does camera mean in latin?

Camera is a Latin word. It means room, chamber, or vault.

What are some English derivatives of the Latin word 'triclinium'?

Triclinium is Latin for a dining room

What is living room in latin?

it is nothing

What is changing room in Latin?


What in means in Latin?

"in" in latin just means in, ex. in frigidario= in the cold room.

What language is camera from?

Latin. It means, 'Room.'

What does tablinum mean in latin?

Study room.

What is the latin word for reading room?


How do you write room in Latin?

cella or camera.

What is the Latin name for dining room?


How do you say main room in latin?