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Gourmet IS a French word.

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Q: What is the French word for gourmet?
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Is gourmet a French word?


What language does the word 'gourmet' come from?

The English word 'gourmet' comes to us (1820) from the French 'gourmet', altered from the Old French 'grommes' (plural), meaning "wine-tasters, wine merchant's servants" (of uncertain origin), then influenced by the Middle French 'gourmant' meaning "glutton".

What is the language of origin for the word gourmet?


WhAT does the french word gormet mean?

'Un gourmet' is someone who is interested in gastronomy.

How do you pronounce gourmet?

'Gourmet' is a French word originally, adopted into English, and pronounced: 'goormay' The Spanish equivalent is 'gastronomo' (accent on the first 'o'), pronounced 'gassTRAWnawmaw'

Are french and gourmet the same?

Gourmet is a French word, meaning a person who loves and is well informed about food, and who eats very well. But not all inhabitants of France are gourmets, and not all gourmets live in France (or even Quebec).

A sentence with the word 'gourmet'?

I have had meals at a few nice restaurants but I am no gourmet.

What is the language of the origin of gourmet?


How do you spell gourme?

The likely word is gourmet (gor-may) which is from French and means a connoisseur, or someone knowledgeable about fine cooking.

What is the correct way to say gourmet cakes in French?

The correct way to say gourmet cakes in French is g‰teaux gourmet. Using a translator is an easy way to look up translations for many different languages.

What does the French eat?

Horse, croissants,gourmet foods.

Is there a gourmet market in New Jersey that sells French foods?

Yes there is one in Little Silver New Jersey. They have many gourmet foods including French, and Italian.