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Q: What is the French word for sky?
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What is the word for sky in french?


What does ciel the word mean?

Sky in french.

What is a ciel?

'Ciel' is the french word for 'Sky'.

How do you spell the word sky in french?

Ciel (masc.)

What does the french word d'etoiles mean?

Stars (as in those in the sky), not celebrities (which would be vedettes).

What mean the french word allouette?

"Alouette" is the name of a bird in French, the skylark. It is also the title of a popular French-Canadian children's song about plucking the feathers off a skylark.

What is an Alouette?

Allouete is a french word for a bird, in English it´s called lark or sky-lark, besides it is the name of an helicopter produced in France.

What is 'ciel' when translated from French to English?

"Sky" as a noun and "sky-blue" as an adjective are English equivalents of the French word ciel. Context makes clear whether the location (case 1) or color (example 2) suit. The pronunciation will be "syel" in French.

What is a star in the french sky?

If you want the translation of "star": a star = une étoile (the sky = le ciel)

Is there a French version for the Sky home page?

The Sky home page does not have a French version, however it is available with French subtitles. This includes all of their channels as well as their Sky Box Office movies.

How to change from english to french?

Learn to think in the language desired. For ex; sky is an english word. If you wish to speak french, but look up and see a sky, then you must translate sky to french. You must realize that there is no such thing as a sky in france. It is le ciel. It is not an english thing called something else. It is only le ciel. The sky does not exist in France. Once you are able to think in french, vascillating back and forth will become easier. Bonne chance. : ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's no real method. You have to understand both languages' grammar and have a fair grasp on the vocabulary if you want to translate.

What is the Arabic word for sky?

The Arabic word for sky is assamaai