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Suge . Or it can be Sugoi .

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Q: What is the Japanese word for awesome?
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What is the Japanese word for ultimate?

The closest Japanese word for ultimate is "SAIKOU". It can be used by itself in a situation where you think something is awesome. You could just proclaim, "SAIKOU!"

What is the word 'awesome' when translated from English to Japanese?

素晴らしい Subarashii

What is the phrase Irene awesome when translated from English to Japanese?

Irene awesome translated to Japanese as 'Airīn subarashii'

How do you say awesomeness in Japanese?

"Sugio" is "Awesome" in Japanese.

Who created dragonball comics?

Akira Toriyama, an awesome Japanese dude.-and-Shonen Jump, an awesome Japanese comic magazine.

Is domo a Pokemon?

No he is not. He is an awesome Japanese thing!

What is the base word for awesome?

The base word for "awesome" is "awe."

What are some awesome Japanese songs?

There r also many awesome songs in other languages.

What is the base word of awesome?

The base word of "awesome" is "awe."

Is awesome a good word?

Yes, awesome is a VERY good word. :)

Is awesome adverb?

The word "awesome" is an adjective.

What is the part of speech of awesome?

Awesome is an adjective.