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The main message in The Knife is to teach readers about racism, honor, pride, and Immigration. The knife that is mentioned throughout the story reflects the values and attitude of the author.

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2014-06-05 01:24:24
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Q: What is the main message in the short story the knife by judah waten?
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What is the message in the short story silk scarf?

the background of the short story the luncheon

What is the theme in the short story KNIFE written by Sarah Ellis?

The theme in the short story Knife is to forgive people, and let go when some one you love leaves.

What is the theme for the short story the knife sharpener?

to cut someone

How do you write a parable?

a parable is a short story with a message

In the short story knife written by Sarah Ellis who is miss forester?

His teacher

What is the mood for the short story the knife sharpener by bonnie burnard?

the mood is tense

What is the author's message of a short story?

the author can make what ever point he wants

In the short story knife how was the knife returned to Curtis?

The knife was returned when Ron, a transfer student, puts it on his desk after class. in the end, it turns out he is more like a reincarnation of Rollo the seal.

What are the symbols in the short story On the sidewalk bleeding?

The jacket ( his royal jacket ) , the rain , the knife that killed him , Laura

What is the message of open window?

If you mean the short story "The Open Window", it's just a humorous story with a frame structure. As far as the message of the story is concerned, I'd say there are many ideas here.

What is the message of the short story the necklace?

The message in the story is you should be grateful of what you have and It is better to tell the truth and face the consequences than to try to protect one's pride by telling a lie.

What is the theme of the short story?

The theme or message of the sort story lenses, is that, " the nothing can compare to human beauty". Well at least thats what i got reading the story.

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