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Q: What is walk in spanish?
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How do you say walked in spanish?

walk in spanish***Caminar, is 'to walk' in Spanish.

What dose caminar mean in spanish?

Caminar in spanish means travel, journey, walk, move, go, cover a distance.....

What is caminan in spanish?

They walk.

What is to walk in Spanish?

andar, caminar

What does paseo mean in Spanish?


What is the unscrambled Spanish word for minarca?

The Spanish verb caminar means to walk.

What does comiais mean in spanish?

Walk around

How do say walk in spanish?

"A pie" means "on foot". For "to walk", you could say "caminar" or "andar".

What does the Spanish word caminen mean in english?


How do you say she took a walk in spanish?

ella paseó

How do say you like to walk in spanish?

me gusta caminar

What is andar in spanish?

Translation: To walk, to go, or to be.