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The definition of tyler is maker of tiles or layer of roof tiles as you can tell tyler and tiler have the same pronunciation.

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Q: What the meaning of the name Tyler?
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What does the word Tyler mean in Dutch?

The word "Tyler" does not have a specific meaning in Dutch. It is a name of English origin.

What doese the name tyler mean for a boy?

Tyler is and English name meaning "A worker in roof tiles". It is an occupational name.

What is the meaning of Tyler Bould?

In English, the name Tyler means- tile maker. The name Tyler orginated as an English name. The name Tyler is a unisex name and can be used for a boy or girl name (male or female). The surname was born by American president John Tyler (1790-1862).

What is the name meaning of tyler?

rude mean cant be nice

What is Tyler translated in hebrew?

The name Tyrone has no meaning in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.The name Tyrone comes from the name of a county in Northern Ireland which is derived from Irish Gaelic Tir Eoghain meaning "land of EOGHAN". This name was popularized by American actor Tyrone Power (1914-1958), who was named after his great-grandfather, an Irish actor.

Whta does the name tyler mean?

Tyler comes from an English occupational surname meaning "tiler of roofs". It was first a boy's name but has more recently also been used as a girl's name.

What does the name Tyler mean in urbanization?

Tyler, meaning tile maker, is very important as tile factories provide jobs and an economical flooring material.

What does the name tyler mean for a girl?

Tyler is an English occupational surname and it's meaning refers to someone who either made tiles or installed tiles.

What is the birth name of Tyler Kelly?

Tyler Kelly's birth name is Kimberly Tyler Kelly.

Did John Tyler have a middle name?

Yes, John Tyler did have a middle name. His full name was John Tyler.

What is the birth name of Tank Tyler?

Tank Tyler's birth name is Demarcus Tyler.

What is the birth name of Tyler Macy?

Tyler Macy's birth name is Tyler Macey.