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Knock knock jokes are the most innocent, and it's probably all they know since not many young children know dirty or racist jokes.

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Q: Why do small children like knock knock jokes?
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How do you impress and get a girl to like you?

Take her to Olive Garden and have jokes prepared to fill in the awkward silences.Only if there funny! (no knock-knock jokes)

What are good jokes for kids?

Good jokes for kids are like knock knock jokes or jokes that you find suitable for your kids. If you find that your kid is getting inappropriate jokes then look to their friends on that one. Also look to the father because the could be telling them none suitable jokes.

Know any knock knock hammer jokes?

Here is a knock knock hammer joke: Knock knock, whose there? Hammer Hammer who? Would you like hammer bacon with your eggs?

How can you write comedy or jokes?

It's easier to write comedy or jokes than to be accepted. Jokes tend to work in threes-two successful tries and one failure if you like. A lot of jokes like knock knock jokes are simply plays on words. Visual jokes are a bit different-you need to visualise a comic situation, who would it be funny if something went wrong to? Or how can it go wrong? Of course a lot of situation comedy depends on conflict-where is the conflict coming from? What is the story?

Can you tell me a few knock knock jokes?

Below is a list of few knock knock jokes: Knock Knock Who's there? Who Who who? You sound like an owl! Knock Knock Who's there? Cow Cow who? No! Cows go Moo! Knock Knock Who's there? Cargo Cargo who? Car go beep beep! Knock Knock Who's there? Old Lady Old lady who? I didn't know you could yodel Knock Knock Who's there? Little old lady Little old lady who? Wow great yodelling!! Knock Knock Who's there? Police Police who? Pol-e-s-e open the door!

Why are most jokes lame?

Knock knock jokes are common and is one of the worst jokes! Have you heard the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?" it was simply the worst joke ever which was classic and very popular. Although most jokes don't make people laugh, there are some nonsense jokes that are funny too. It depends on the character or how you say it. Example: You act like a crazy fool and sound weird. Once you tell the joke it will be funny.

Do you want knock knock jokes?

yes I Know One! I Like Them! Will You Remember Me Tomorrow? yes Will You Remember Me In A Week? Yes Will You Remember Me In A Year? Yes! Knock Knock! Who's there? I Thought You Said That You'd Remember Me! That ones funny, heres another. Knock Knock. Who's there? Doris. Doris Who? Doris locked that's why im knockin! i love them

What are lame jokes?

These jokes: knock knock who's there aren't u glad I didn't say jomamaz! What the heck u idiot:/ I'm just a carpenter.O.o u no like lgg. Someone actually said that tO me and I was a little scared because he was all loopy and had red eyes and kept slapping his butt.

What are some jokes to pull on dad that are funny like knock knock?

knock knock? whos there? Nobody Nobody who? (don't answer) nobody who!?!?! (don't answer) Nobody who!!!! get it? or ask "daddy will you remember me in the morning" "yes" "how about next week?" "yes" "how about next month?" "yes" "how about next year" "yes" then say "knock knock" "whos there" then look at your dad and say "see you forgot about me already." hahahahaha

What are your papa jokes?

They are like your mama jokes.

How do comic strip writers come up with jokes?

from inspiration from when they were small the prob had a event like dis

A small fairy in Ireland?

its much like what we Americans think of as trolls they are very vicious and michevious and the like to play jokes but they are very mean jokes and somebody usually gets hurt if you are in the line of fairies you are in the wrath

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