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identify colleagues within own and other organisations

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Q: How do you identify colleagues within own and other organisation?
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What is the relationship between purchasing department and other functional departments in an organisation?


What are the steps in organizing an enterprise?

Establishing the size and shape of the organisation - are you going to be a sole trader or part of a bigger group? What is your own role, and how does it interact with your other team-players? Are your clients and colleagues likely to be visiting you in person - will you need to rent substantial office space? Is there already a market for your service - or are you launching something entirely new and unheard-of? Do you expect to show a profit from the first month, or will you need some outside investment until you've 'turned the corner'?

What are units within an organization that receive services from other units within the organization?

internal customers

Example of line and staff organization?

Line Organisation. This is the oldest as well as the most common type of organisation. It i still used by many concerns especially the small ones. It is also known as the "Military System" as this type of organisation is usually found in the army. The characteristic feature of this type is that line of authority flows verticallty form the top most executive to the lowest subordinate throughout the entire organisational structure. The authority is greatest at the top and reduces through each successive level down the organisational scale. A variation of the pure line organisation is the departmental line organisation, under which the business enterprise is divided into several departments and the authority flows downward from the General Manger through the departmental managers to the lower subordinates. The departmental heads are independent of each other and enjoy equal status.

Definition of public enterprise?

Public enterprises as a form of business organisation has attained a great deal of significance in recent times. During 20th century various governments have taken active part in the industrial and commercial activities. The term public enterprise denotes a form of business organisation owned and managed by the state government or any other public authority. So it is an undertaking owned and controlled by the local or state or central government. The whole or most of the investment is made by the government.

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Why should you share information with colleagues to help them identify sources of support?

Sharing information with colleagues helps create a supportive work environment where everyone can benefit from each other's knowledge and resources. It fosters collaboration and teamwork, and can lead to more effective problem-solving and decision-making. It also promotes a culture of helping each other out and building stronger relationships within the team.

What other word can you create within the word persuade?

Peruse is one word you can identify.

What supervision do you receive from your supervisor and any other professional within your organisation?

Not enough when what you are doing is important. Too many when you're bored.

Give you the other word of Colleagues?


What is outbound organisations?

out bound organisation is a organisation from an other country

Letter of thanks to colleagues at the time of releiving from company?

Letters of thanks can be sent to colleagues from a person who is leaving a company. This letter would be either formal or informal, depending on how well they know each other, and would thank the colleagues for being there for them.

Did Edgar Degas have any colleagues?

If you mean assistants helping him in his studio, he usually did not. Colleagues in the sense of other artists he knew, there was the whole gang of impressionist painters that he belonged to.

Why is communication between group is importance in an organisation?

in my own view i believe communication within groups helps in divergent views,help in tolerance of views and also to learn from each other

Discuss five advantages and disadvantages of house journals as a medium for management -staff communication?

It creates unity and comprehensive oneness within the organisation (advantage) keeps staff posted on the organisation's perfomance(advantage) from menzi ngobese, damelin college

What is the best way to achieve collgiality?

The best way to achieve collegiality is to be very respectful and nice to other colleagues. Also one must trust other colleagues knowing you are all working towards the same goal.

What other organisation had similar responsibilities as the current United Nations Organisation that was formed after world war 1?

League of Nations.

What is management control system?

Management control is the process by which manager influence other members of the organisation to implement the organisation strategies.