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5 billion dollars

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Q: How much is a 1280 long cross penny worth?
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How many a penny coins does it takes to make a line one meter long?

£1 worth

What metric unit would the Golden Gate Bridge be measured in if it was 1280 long?

The Golden Gate span is about 1280 meters (4200 feet). Or 1.28 kilometers.

What are the release dates for Worth Every Penny - 2009 Fixer-Upper Facelift Long Distance Relationship Water Therapy 1-9?

Worth Every Penny - 2009 Fixer-Upper Facelift Long Distance Relationship Water Therapy 1-9 was released on: USA: December 2009

What does a penny's worth of smiles mean?

The phrase "a penny's worth of smiles" implies that a small amount of kindness or positivity can go a long way in brightening someone's day. It emphasizes the idea that even a small gesture or act of kindness can have a significant impact on those around you.

What British coin is worth the least Farthing Penny Pound or Shilling?

These coins are part of the now long redundant British predecimal currency. Values from least to most are - A Farthing is one quarter of a Penny A Halfpenny is one half of a Penny One Shilling is worth 12 Pence (or 12 Pennies) A Florin is worth 2 Shillings (or 24 Pence) A Crown is worth 5 Shillings (or 60 Pence)

How long is a penny board?

An average "Penny" by Penny Skateboards is 27' inches. The "Nickel" by Penny Skateboards, is 27' inches.

Is penny a long e sound?

no short e. long e is the first e in the word people. penny does have a long e if your considering the y in penny.

How much would a 1984 Lincoln penny be worth?

There is nothing special about a 1984 penny, so its just 1 cent. There are a few 1984 pennies that are referred to as double ear 1984s and from what I have found they are worth about 3,500.00 The ear lobe looks like it has two ear lobes or an extra long one.

How long will it take to drive 1280 miles at 55 miles an hour?

A little over 23 hours, 23.27 to be exact.

What ocean is 1280 km long and 16000 km wide?

the pacific ocean

Is a copper us cent worth more than a penny?

A solid copper penny is worth more than one cent. This has been true for a long time, and is why modern pennies are made primarily of zinc, and only plated with copper. In currency they are about up to par, but in scrap metal, who knows, you may be able to get more bang for your buck.

How long did the Australians use the 1975 Penny for?

The last Australian Penny was minted in 1964. There was never a 1975 Australian Penny.