What can you use to replace a diamond?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Ideally, you'd replace a diamond with another diamond. Or if you wanted the empty space to look like the diamond was still there, you could replace it with an imitation diamond.

You can replace a diamond with almost any faceted stone.

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Q: What can you use to replace a diamond?
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If I diamond cracks can I repair it or do I need to replace it?

You would probably need to replace a cracked diamond.

What can you use to mine diamond in minecraft?

You can use an iron, gold, or pre-existing diamond pickaxe to mine diamond ore or diamond blocks

What substance would a jewler use to cut a diamond?

A jeweler would use another diamond to cut a diamond.

How do you replace a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't really "replace" a pokemon. You can set it free to the wild, though, by pressing "release".

What is use of diamond pin?

A diamond pin or broach -- brooch -- may have an aesthetic use as an adornment.

How do use diamond cuts diamond in a sentence?

The diamond cutter taught the intern how a diamond cuts diamond as they cut and polished the raw stone.

How do you figure out if a diamond is real?

You can take your diamond to a local jeweler who can use a probe to help you figure out if the diamond is a real diamond.

How do you click on the diamond with the symbol on diamond mines?

use your magnifying glass and hold it over diamond

Can a diamond scratch a nail?

Yes: not a good use for a diamond, but yes, a diamond will scratch a nail.

What tools do you use to cut diamond on minecraft?

To get diamond, you need a pickaxe of iron, gold or diamond.

What is the purpose of coating diamond?

Coating a diamond implies that the diamond materials in question are to be put to an industrial use, not a gem-stone use. You can read more about one purpose of coating a diamond, below.

What does a diamond measure?

You can use a diamond to measure emotion, or individual wealth.