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Q: What is another word for rebel that has thirteen letters?
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What fruit has thirteen letters in it?

Honeydew melon is a fruit. The word contains thirteen letters.

What word have thirteen letters?

That's entertainment.

What movie title is one word with thirteen letters?


What is the word for 'government by a rebel clique' 5 letters?

Junta or cabal

What is the homophone of thirteen?

The homophone of "thirteen" is "thirteen". A homophone is a word that has the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spellings as another word.

How do you make a three word sentence from these thirteen letters afotigwiuynor?

Waiting For You

What is the longest word that begins with j and is a real word?

Juxtaposition or jurisprudence are thirteen letters each.

What percentage of the population has names that are longer than 8 letters?

thirteen %,precisely because this is the word which has 8characters of letters.

What word do you get when you unscramble this word racpulsarsupa?

There is no thirteen letter word that can be spelled with the letters 'racpulsarsupa'.

What 1 word state has the most letters in Its spelling?

Liechtenstein is a country. The name includes thirteen letters. It is the country that has the most letters in its spelling.

What do this word spell aflotolbyelpar?

There is no direct thirteen-letter anagram of the letters aflotolbyelpar. The longest word you can make out of those letters is the ten-letter long word ballplayer.

What is it called with you can form a word using the letters of another word?

The process of forming a word using the letters of another word is called an anagram.