Are glass catfish aggressive

Updated: 10/19/2022
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I had a couple of glass cats and they were very aggressive at feeding time. The rest of the time they kept a low profile. But at feeding time they would swim to the surface and kind of go into a frenzy, whipping around and nipping the other fish (tetras). One nipped me once when I put my hand in the tank to fix a plant, and I felt it!

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Q: Are glass catfish aggressive
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Are catfish aggressive?

Yes, they can be caught with live bait.

How big does a glass catfish grow?

A glass catfish should grow to about four inches in length but can grow slightly larger at times:)

Is your glass catfish dying if its lying on its side on the bottom of the tank?


Will catfish eat any other small fish in a freshwater tank?

Well that all comes down to what kind of catfish u have peppered corydoras will only eat another one of your fish if it died and sank to the bottom so just research your fish first and then buy the less aggressive fish. in my tank i have 2 species of catfish, 2 upside down catfish and 2 peppered corys and they havnt attacked any of my fish. Oh and if u get upside down catfish dont get the bigger version it's very aggressive. hope that helps

Can African catfish and plecos get along?

I don't know much about African catfish, but plecos are very docile community fish. I've never heard of an aggressive catfish, but I don't know about that species specifically. If it's classified as a community fish or is not agressives, they'll be fine together.

Can you feed glass catfish flake food?

You can, but you should first soak it for a few minutes before feeding it to the catfish. They also eat small worms and brine shrimp.

What fish can be put in a tank together with goldfish?

Most other coldwater fish. There are some species of catfish and then there is the Golden Orf and Blue Dace. Check around the local pet shops for coldwater fish. You never know what may be available.

what is the best fish to have with coreys?

Cory Catfish tank mates include most community tank fish as long as they are non-aggressive and friendly in nature. Otocinclus Catfish, Tetras, Swordtails and of course other Corys can be a good fit.

What are types of algae?

Pleco - Suckermouth catfish , Siamese Algae Eater, Albino Algae Eater , Ancistrus - Bristlenose pleco ,Oto Catfish , Plecostomus ( Very aggressive and go well with Oscar ) All algae eaters go well with Oscars.

Why do dwarf leopard catfish nuzzle each other?

What am I, It comes out ,but you can't put it back in, I am dizzy and made of glass?

What fish are compatible wth neon tetras?

Small, non aggressive, tropical freshwater fish. Examples would be other tetras, mollies, platys, swords, small gouramis, rainbowfish, some less aggressive barbs, dwarf cichlids, loaches, plecos, Cory catfish.

What fish are compatible with a gold severum?

Glass catfish, corys, guppies tall bodied tetras bigger than cardinals, yoyo fish