Are saltwater fish mammals

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Fish are not mammals, they are fish.

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Q: Are saltwater fish mammals
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Why saltwater fish can live in saltwater?

because saltwater fish must be live in saltwater

Is the guppy fish a saltwater or a freshwater fish?


Are spotted eagle rays freshwater fish or saltwater fish?

They are Saltwater fish.

Are saltwater fish hyperosmotic or hypoosmotic?

Saltwater fish are hypoosmotic.

Where saltwater fish live?

Saltwater fish live in the saltwater seas and oceans around the world.

How much freshwater can a saltwater fish take?

A saltwater fish tank can be half freshwater and all of the saltwater fish will live but not for very long.

Why are some fish saltwater fish and others freshwater fish?

Because saltwater fish can only breathe in saltwater (as in the ocean) and freshwater fish can only breathe in freshwater (as in tap water.)

Is it safe to add live salt water sand to a establish salt water aquarium?

Well, there are 2 types of fish, saltwater fish, and freshwater fish. Only put in saltwater if you own a saltwater fish. Note: Saltwater fish could live safely in freshwater, but freshwater fish will suffocate in saltwater.

What salt water fish can't you eat?

You can eat just about everything some popular saltwater fish are red snapper, flounder, cobia and grouper in my opinion.

Are lionfish freshwater or saltwater fish?


How does saltwater effect saltwater fish?

saltwater fish need to breath in saltwater and not fresh water. just like we need to breath in oxygen and not carbon dioxide.

Are clown fish a saltwater or freshwater fish?

i think saltwater cuz they live in the ocean