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Q: Do people wear the dr marten school shoes in summer?
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What happens when Doc Marten shoes are worn in the rivers?

When Doc Marten shoes are worn in the rivers, they get soaked and wet. This in turn damages the shoes both on the outside and inside. This will lead to the shoes needing to be replaced.

What shoes did punks wear?

Doc Marten boots

Which retailers sell Dr Marten shoes?

Dr Marten shoes are widely available at most general shoe shops. They can also be purchased at department stores, workwear stores and online at Amazon.

Where can you buy cheap doc marten style boots?

You can buy cheap Doc Marten Style boots in the various shoes boutique stores.

Where can one buy new Dr Martin shoes?

Dr. Marten shoes can be purchased from shoe stores such as Famous Footwear and Shoe Carnival, department stores such as Macy's and Dillard's, or online at websites such as Amazon and Shoebuy. Dr. Marten shoes are known for their boots and for their air-cushioned soles.

Are basketball shoes summer shoes?

Yes they are summer shoes but you can wear them whenever you want.

Where can one find decent summer shoes?

Zappos has a wide selection of summer shoes. Payless Shoe Store also has some good deals on shoes for summer. The online retailer LuLu's has some great shoes as well.

Should open-toe shoes be worn after Labor Day?

* The idea of not wearing white/summer attire after Labour Day is old-school fashion. Those "rules" don't really apply anymore. == == == == * If it's warm enough, I don't see why not. * No, open-toe shoes and sandals are strictly summer attire. In addition, black patent-leather shoes, and all white shoes, are regarded as summer shoes and should not worn after Labor Day. * Those rules don't apply any more. Fashion is about expression. Do what you do... and do it with confidence!

Do people go barefoot often in the summer down south?

Yes its too hot for shoes! It the truth I am from Louisiana.

What kind of shoes is hot in this summer?

black shoes as it absorbes heat and even leather shoes become hot.

How do you spell the shoes that you wear in the summer?

The open shoes worn in good weather are "sandals."

What should you wear on the last day of school before summer?

usually summer clothes but make it look really nice like a bright blue shirt with white shorts that have some blue and green in them and whatever shoes go with them