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they can be dripped into brackish water tanks

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Q: Does a garr fish live in brackish water?
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Can a Molly fish live with tiger barbs?

yes barb fisk can live with molly fish they both live in brackish water, they can live with fiddler crabs too!! :)

Can flounders live in salt water and fresh water?

Flounders are Saltwater Fish, some can be kept temporarily in brackish water.

Where did megaladon's live?

Brackish they live in brackish Brackish water is a mixture of salt a fresh water like for example the....... Chesapeake bay

Can sharks live in brackish water?

YES! Bull sharks mainly stay in brackish waters. They have the ability to swim up the river. Bull sharks have been found at the end of the Mississippi river in the Northern Part of America.

Can tropical fish live wth brackish fish?

Tropical and brackish are not mutually exclusive. Tropical means warm, and brackish means somewhat salty. Many brackish fish ARE tropical, and many tropical fish are brackish. You can keep tropical brackish fish with other tropical brackish fish, if they have the same temperment and will not harm or eat eachother. You can keep some brackish fish with some freshwater tropicals, and similarly you can keep some brackish fish with some marine tropicals. There are no wide open set of principles for brackish fish compatability beyond those that I have just illustrated.

What are saltwater fish?

Saltwater fish as fish that live in water with a salinity of higher degree than brackish water, such as fish from the ocean. Clownfish (Nemo), Tangs (Dory), Tuna (Charlie) are commonly known saltwater fish.

Do flounder live in salt and fresh water?

Flounders are saltwater fish, some can be kept temporarily in brackish water.

Do sea monkeys live in brackish water?

no they live in salt water

Can salt waler fish live in freshwater?

True salt water (marine) fish do not have the required evolutionay developments to cope with living in fresh water. Brackish water or Estuarine fish can be aclimatised to live in fresh water for a considerable time but eventually they will need a return to salt water otherwise they get sick.

Can carp live in brackish water?


Can angelfish live in brackish water with a violet goby?

Hi, I was wondering if a Violet goby can live with the angels in our tank. I wasn't sure, because I don't know if angels can live in brackish, or how much of the brackish water they can take. Thanks in advance! Hamon

Does a blow fish live in fresh water?

No, blowfish are primarily marine species and typically live in saltwater environments. They are not commonly found in freshwater habitats.