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A Clown Fish can Live in the Sea Anemone and not be stung because it is covered with a thick layer of mucas. Basically, it is immune to the sting. It's a win-win situation too because the Sea Anemone munches on the Leftover Food Scraps by the Clown Fish. Other than that, I have NO idea what some interesting facts about Sea Anemones. That's why I was on this Website in the First Place!

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Some sea creatures eat others. Some Dads protect the eggs until they hatch. Different types of fish eat each other. And some hide in underwater caves or coral areas. Sharks eat almost everything they see. Sometimes even other sharks! The nicest type of shark is the whale shark. It's still a shark, but is nice and peaceful like whales are. Sting rays use their tails to protect themselves. If you step on them or touch the tail... ZAP you will have poison inside of your body! Some sea animals are actually marine mammals, such as sea lions, seals, walruses, whales, porpoises, and dolphins.

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Q: What are facts about sea creatures?
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Are sea creatures dinosaurs?

Some sea creatures have ansetors of dinosaurs

All the under water sea creatures?

If you mean, "are all under water creatures, sea creatures?" then no. The term SEA is for the ocean and there also can be creatures in freshwater. Also some creatures that live in water such as some snakes and sea turtles come out of the water every so often, so they are no total sea/water creatures. Fish are underwater creatures though.

Are there any new sea creatures in the sea?

No there are not any new creatures at miami bech

What are all of the sea creatures?

all the sea creatures are on the bottom of the ocean love dakotah

Is dophins is a sea creatures?

Dolphins are sea creatures but they are also mammals like whales.

What sea creatures live in antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent. No sea creatures live on land.

What are interesting facts about killer whales?

Killer whales are a lot like humans in that they like to bully and inflict pain and fear on other sea creatures.

What vegetation is eaten by sea creatures?

Sea creatures may eat kelp or seaweed, or algae.

What creature eats green sea turtles?

Well sea creatures eat bigger or smaller creatures!

Are deep sea creatures being harmed?

Yes every day by other deep sea creatures.

Do some of the sea creatures get along with other sea creatures?

both because some sea creatures eat others. unlike cuttlefish they try to eat eachother.i hope this answers your question.

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creatures of the sea