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Q: What kind of weapons do fox hunters use?
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What type of hunters do not use lethal weapons?

There are a few types of hunters that do not use lethal weapons. Hunters who only track the game will not use weapons. They may do this in order to help environmental agencies keep track of species.

Hunters and gathers used the bones of the woolly mammoth to?

hunters and gatherers use bones and fur for shelter and weapons

In World of Warcraft can night elf hunters use guns?

All hunters can use guns, bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons. If they don't start out with the ability, then all they need to do is visit the weapons trainers in the capital cities.

What kind of guns hunters use?

Depends on what they are hunting.

What kind of weapons did they use in war world 2?

lots of different weapons

What kind of weapons did samurais use?


What kind of weapons use gunpowder?


What kind of weapons do Canadian people use?

Canadians use the same kind of weapons that are used by people of other nationalities. There is no uniquely Canadian weapon.

How do you use cunnning in a sentence?

The cunning fox was being chased by two hunters, but cleverly eluded them at every turn.

What kind of weapons do cougars use?

claws and teethg

What kind of weapons did colonial people use?


What kind of weapons did the Cherokee tribe use?