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1800 B.C or earlier

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Q: What was the age when humans switched from hunting and gathering to raising livestock and growing crops?
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How did inuit find food in the past?

Hunting, fishing, and gathering naturally growing plants, such as berrries.

Growing some food herding animals some hunting and gathering?

There are many connections between growing food, herding animals, hunting, and gathering. These are things humans do to stay alive and eat.

What practice later replaced hunting and gathering for finding food?

Growing crops.

What is Growing crops herding animals or even hunting and gathering?

These are traditional methods of food production where crops are cultivated, animals are raised for consumption, and food is gathered from the wild through hunting and foraging. These practices have been the foundation of human food systems for thousands of years and are still prevalent in many parts of the world today.

Why obtaining food by hunting and gathering is characteristic of a nomadic lifestyle?

Nomads did not stay in one place long enough to farm- they had to rely on hunting, and gathering naturally growing foods.

How did Inuit people find food in the past?

Hunting, fishing, and gathering naturally growing plants, such as berrries.

What practice replace hunting and gathering food?

Agriculture replaced hunting and gathering as the primary means of obtaining food. This practice involves cultivating and harvesting crops and raising livestock for food production on a larger scale.

How did this economic activity differ from farming?

hunting and gathering isnt the easiest way to feed a growing population in the neolithic revolution.

What is a sentence using the word hunting and gathering?

Hunting and gathering is being used in a sentence.

WHERE IS HUNTING AND GATHERING REGION IN TODAYWhere are Hunting and gathering societies at today society?


What were the reasons that early man switched from hunting and gathering to a life of farming?

Increase in population reduced hunting animals. For example only 50 hunting groups started their life in Gedrosia (Baluchistan province of Pakistan) at Mehrgarh in 8000 BC. Farming and hunting went side by side initially.

What replaced hunting and gathering in the early times?

Agriculture replaces hunting and gathering in early times.