Did sauske lose his vision

Updated: 9/17/2023
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If he keeps using his MS in this rate. He will lose his vision soon. But we dont know yet, he might go and ask Itachi's eyes from Madara. We'll have to wait and see upcoming chapters.

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Q: Did sauske lose his vision
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Who is stronger sauske or kabuto?


Does sauske kill orochimaru?

yes sauske does kill orochimaru when orochimaru tries to transfer into sauske's body

Does sauske like Hinata?

No, Sauske likes no one.

Does sauske get killed?

No he doesn't do to having orochimaru's power after killing him sauske is invincible.

Can animals lose their vision?

yes they can

How you lose eye vision?


Does sakura ever bang sauske?

Well, no Sakura will never "bang" Sauske. Knowing Sauske left and is know against them, theres no chance at all that she'll get to "bang" him.

What is sauske?

Sauske is one of the main characters in the early naruto series as well as naruto shippuden. Sauske was one of the first friends naruto ever made. Sauske is a proud Uchiha member that totally hates his elder brother for slaughtering his family and leaving him completely alone.

Who does sauske marry?


If Sasuke Versed Nagato who would win?

if sauske battled nagato-pein sauske would win because of his mangeykyou sharingan also if naruto can beat nagato than sauske can beat nagato.

How did Naruto lose to Sasuke?

Sauskes Sharingan was toughter than Narutos Nine Tails for the moment so when the rasengan and chidori collided naruto lost and therefore sauske won...

Does sauske kill Naruto?

I think Naruto will not kill Sauske because Sauske was like him with few differences. Sauske and Naruto both dont have parents. However, Sauske still does have a brother, evil though. Naruto doesn't have any family. They have been rivals/friends since the begining of the series up until Sauske leaves the leaf village. Of course, Naruto is Naruto, and Naruto is unpredictable, so there is no sure answer at this moment. Even if he really wanted to in the last battle of The Broken Bond, yikes!