How big is a T-11 troop parachute?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How big is a T-11 troop parachute?
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The big piece of cloth on a parachute is called what?

The parachute canopy is made up of panels.

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putang ina m gago ka

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Can women take C9-T11?

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yes but it depends how big the hole is and if you have a back up parachute

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The larger surface area of a big parachute creates more drag or air resistance compared to a smaller parachute. This increased drag helps to slow down the fall more effectively. Additionally, the shape and design of a big parachute are optimized to catch more air, further enhancing its braking effect.

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There is not a certain weightto a parachute

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Selection and initial training is around 6 months although further parachute and speciality training is done on assignment to a troop.