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The proper noun North Korea (a country) has the proper adjective North Korean. It is also a noun for a person from that country (a demonym).

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Adjectives that tell us the country or state from which a person or thing comes are known as proper adjectives

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Q: How would you best describe North Korea?
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What is the economy of North Korea would best be classified as...?

A command economy.

What 2 countries border south Korea?

i believe the best awnser would be North Korea....

What is the asians best?

North Korea

What is the best Asian country?

North Korea

What Korea is best Korea?

South Korea! That's because North Korea is always attacking and invading other places....

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Which would best describe the weather during spring in north carolina

What is the best country to live in Korea or Canada and why?

It depends if you are talking about North Korea of South Korea. South Korea is fine but North Korea is communist. Canada is a good country to live in if you like cold weather

Is North Korea best Korea?

In my opinion, I disagree.No offence to them, but their activity is very old fashioned.So that's why I think SOUTH KOREA is betteri'd never find American's,Canadian's,ect. there!There is no best Korea. You can point out negative things about North Korea, but you can also point out positive things. Same goes for South Korea.I disagree. North Korea has a very bad economy right now. And South Korea has a good economy. Also South Korea is prospering and North Korea's economy is getting really bad. So I guess South Korea is better than North Korea.

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Why was it so concerning that North Korea wanted to fire missiles?

The North Korean missile crisis was concerning for several reasons. First, there was the possibility of North Korea starting a nuclear war with the USA. Second, the problem with North Korea is that its leader is generally not in the best of mental stability.

Which best describes north Korea a democracy a free trade zone a totalitarian dictatorship a booming economy?

Of those choices, North Korea is clearly a TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP.

When did North Korea breeder reactor start?

A breeder reactor is generally defined as a power generating reactor that breeds at least sufficient plutonium to replace the U235/Pu which it has consumed. To the best of my knowledge, North Korea does not have such a reactor.