Is amazing in Portuguese

Updated: 9/17/2023
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é incrível

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Q: Is amazing in Portuguese
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What if your amazing in Portuguese?

voce e` maravilhoso = you are marvelous/awesome

How do you say that's amazing in portuguese?

Isso é assombroso !

How do you say amazing nails in portuguese?

Que beleza de unhas !

How do you say you look amazing in portuguese?

Você está uma beleza !

What did the Portuguese develop?

An amazing array of seafood dishes, especially those with clams.

How do you say you are an amazing friend in Portuguese?

você é um amigo incrível

How do you say I am amazing in Portuguese?

You say "Eu sou incrível"! Good day. Yuuki~

How do i say you're amazing in Portuguese?

You say "você é fantástico" for a man or "fantástica" for a woman.

How do you say the word 'amazing' in Portuguese?

'Maravilhosa' (f), 'Maravilhoso' (m). As an exclamation: "Puxa!" (Poosha)

How do you say you're amazing just the way you are in Portuguese?

You can say "você é fantástico do jeito que você é". In the case of a female person, you change to "fantástica".

What is an easy way to learn portuguese?

One easy way to learn Portuguese is to practice regularly with native speakers, use language apps or online resources, watch Portuguese movies or TV shows, and listen to Portuguese music or podcasts to immerse yourself in the language. Joining a language exchange group or taking a course can also help you improve your skills.

What is 'in Portuguese' in Portuguese?

Em português is a Portuguese equivalent of 'in Portuguese'.