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Q: What conditions constitute a disability under human rights law?
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How can one act for human rights?

One can act for human rights by supporting Amnesty International, signing petitions, starting a group and informing other people who might not know about the conditions of human rights.

What has the author Roberto Toscano written?

Roberto Toscano has written: 'Soviet human rights policy and perestroika' -- subject(s): Human rights, Social conditions

What has the author Tord Riemann written?

Tord Riemann has written: 'Freedom, democracy, human rights' -- subject(s): Civil rights, Economic conditions, Human rights, Social conditions 'Law and justice in a socialist society' -- subject(s): Administration of Justice, Law

What does the Human Rights Act aim to do?

To make sure that they are not discriminated against in all aspects of life due to gender, age, race, disability .

How does sport relief help children with no human rights?

Working conditions during the apartheid era

Who made human rights?

Eleanor Roosavelt made human rights the human delclortratiojn of human rights

What is are the human rights written on?

the human rights are written on the universal decloration of human rights

What has the author John C Redfern written?

John C. Redfern has written: 'The new wave millennium, rural economies & human rights' -- subject(s): Human rights, Rural conditions, Rural development, Sustainable development 'The new wave and human rights of constitutional law against the dark age in America' -- subject(s): Civil rights, Secularism

Who made rights?

Eleanor Roosavelt made human rights the human delclortratiojn of human rights

How many human rights are there?

There are thirty articles when it comes to human rights. This is within The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are rights of every human being.

Why definitions of human rights vary?

We have different definitions of human rights because there are different human rights. The definitions of human rights are the meanings of the fundamental rights of a human in a country or organisation. GLAD I COULD HELP :)

What rights are guaranteed by international human rights law?

Obviously, human rights law has always something to do with humans rights. Anything that violates human is opposite to human rights law.