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Neither. Neither exists in real life. The Silver Surfer is a cosmic life-form not entirely human (he's not a robot, either), and the Daleks are somewhat similar to the deros or Detrimental Robots created by science-fiction writer Shavers.

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Q: Who would win the silver surfer or a dalek?
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Who would win in a fight Superman or the Silver Surfer?

Silver Surfer

Who would win in a fight Silver Surfer or thor?

silver surfer

Who would win in a fight Silver Surfer vs Nova vs Sentry?

Silver Surfer.

Who would win in a fight wonder woman or sliver surfer?

The Silver Surfer of course..

Who would win Dr doom vs Silver Surfer?

thanos would perish doctor doom very easily.

Who would win Silver Surfer vs ironmam?


Who would win green lantern or sliver surfer?

silver surfer by a lot just because he has the power of cosmic and even if green lantern lasted a while which he wouldn't he would need to recharge his ring so silver surfer ftw

Who would win Silver Surfer vs hulk?

hulk knocked silver surfer off his board and finished him Answer above is wrong. Silver Surfer has beaten Hulk far to many times. Hulk only ever beat Surfer when he didn't have the power cosmic and Silver Surfer was being distracted and was thanking Hulk. Hulk then bashed him into the ground. Silver Surfer came out fine. the answer above is wrong.Hulk defeats galactus. silver surfer only has half of galactuses powers.Hulk will pumble silver surfer.

Who would win Gir or Dalek?

Gir .

What are the release dates for Until We Win - 2009 Silver Surfer 1-9?

Until We Win - 2009 Silver Surfer 1-9 was released on: USA: 12 November 2009

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Weeping Angel

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The Dalek Emperor- he has no reason to suppose that the White Supreme Dalek would ever show disloyalty to him, BUT if he ever DID, then the Dalek Emperor would have officially secret military technology unavailable to his opponent that could be deployed against any insubordinates under his command.