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the 4th hokage is narutos dad there is a lot of parents and sons and daughters and a lot of relationships

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Q: Do any of the Naruto characters have kids?
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What are the names of Naruto's kids?

Naruto doesn't have any kids. His only 16...

How do you get the characters in Naruto mini?

how do you get the characters in naruto mini

Are there any naruto characters born on February 15?

Yes. Tayuya

How old are the Naruto characters in shippudden?

Naruto and all the kids turn 16-18 years of age.With the exception of Kazekage Gaara who is 15 yrs old and 1 yr younger than Naruto

Is Naruto's daughter name destry?

Naruto doesn't have any kids!! he's like, sixteen or something!

Who are the most liked characters in Naruto?


Does Naruto ever have kids?

No! Never! If Naruto had kids, then Naruto will focus too much on the kids rather than this missions.

Sakura and Naruto are the main characters in what series?

The characters Sakura and Naruto are the main characters in the Japanese anime series Naruto. More detail about this Japanese cartoon can be found on Wikipedia.

Does Hinata and Naruto have kids?

Yes, Hinata and Naruto have two children together: Boruto and Himawari. Boruto is the older sibling and a main character in the "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" series.

Does Naruto have kids?

No Naruto doesn't have kids he's still a kid himself.

How many characters can you get on Naruto Ultimate Ninja heros?

you can get 20 characters in naruto ultimate ninja heroes.

Is there any other females that likes naruto?

Some anime and movie characters has shown romantic interest in Naruto, otherwise it is just friendly interests.