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It depends on the state that you live in and your will.

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Q: Do children automatically inherit their parents property?
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Do children automatically inherit their parents property in South Carolina?

The spouse normally takes priority on property. If there is a will it will take precedence.

Can children inherit property from their parents without a will in Western Australia?

they can because Australia sucks they can because Australia sucks

Do children inherit their parents?

Yes children are the descedants of their parents.

If the husband dies in Texas and there are no children who does his inherited undivided land go to?

Any property that he had will become a part of his estate. Usually the spouse will inherit it all, but there may be some provision for parents to inherit part of the property if there are no children. A will is important! And you would need to consult an attorney in Texas for specific rules.

Who does a son inherit traits from?

Children of any gender inherit traits from both parents.

Right of an illigitimate child to inherit?

The right of an illegitimate child to inherit varies by country or state. In some places, illegitimate children have inheritance rights, while in others they may not automatically inherit from their biological parents. It's important to check the specific laws in the relevant jurisdiction to understand the rights of an illegitimate child to inherit.

If you inherit money from your parents will your spouse be entitled to it in California?

Generally, inherited property is separate property in a community property state.

Can adopted children inherit from biological parents?

Only if they are named in the will.

What title do the children of nobility have?

Depends on the rank of the parents. They inherit the title when the parents die.

Children cannot inherit diseases from their parents?

yes they can....(for A+ ppl its False)

Who will inherit if cousin died leaving no spouse or siblings?

If there is no living spouse, the children inherit, after them the siblings. If there is no living spouse, children or siblings, parents inherit, after them first cousins, then second cousins, etc.

What are laws of intestacy?

Laws of intestacy determine how a person's property is distributed if they die without a will. These laws prioritize family members like spouses, children, and parents to inherit the deceased's assets. If there are no eligible relatives, the state may acquire the property.