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Yes, unless the will says otherwise.

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Q: Do you have a claim on your mothers estate as the only child?
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Who is your mothers sisters child's only cousin?


Can your father throw you out of his will?

Generally, a parent may disinherit an adult child. However, in some jurisdictions it must be done correctly or the child can claim a statutory share of the estate. The will must state that it is the intention to not leave anything to that child so the court will not conclude that the child was only forgotten.

What is a low priority claim?

A claim that gets paid only after higher priority claims are paid in full. Higher priority claims can include expenses of last sickness, funeral expenses, expenses of administering the decedent's estate, and sometimes child support.

Can a child choose to live with an uncle without their mothers consent in ga?

Only if the mother has no legal rights to that child.

In the state of IL can you go after your father for back child support if you are now in your 40z?

Not if the claim wasn't kept current, or if there never was an order. Be careful here as a lot of adult children try this only to learn their mothers lied to them.

Who supports a foster child in placement?

the parents both pay child support, but only 7 out of 1000 mothers ever do.

When the obligee dies and the only child is emancipated what happens to back child support owed?

Place a lien on his estate

Can a parent claim a child on their taxes if they have already gave up rights to the child?

You can only claim a child on your taxes if you provide at least 50% of the FINANCIAL support (through mortgage, food, clothing, education, etc.) for the child. If you provided at least 50% of the support for the child, then you can claim the child for the tax year in which you provided the support.

If father walks out o child life does he still have to pay child support?

Yes, only mothers are not required in most cases.

Did Jennifer inherit Cary grant's estate?

Yes. Jennifer Grant was Cary Grant's only child, and she did inherit the bulk of his estate.

How do you calculate on pro rata basis?

For example: If a person's estate is distributed on a pro rata basis, each claimant in the estate is entitled to that portion of the estate based on the amount of his/her claim. Let's say the estate is currently worth $10,000. You have a claim against the estate for $20,000, and your sister has a claim against the estate for $2,000. There is not enough money to pay either one of you in full. This is where pro rata takes place. You compare your claim to the size of the other claim. Your claim is ten times what your sister's claim is. You will receive ten times whatever she gets, up to the amount that is in the estate. Since the estate is only $10k, you have to divide it by 11 (your share of 10 to her share of 1) 10:1. For every one dollar she gets, you get ten. So the mathematical equation: 10,000/11=909 Each part is worth $909. She only gets one part. You get ten. You will receive $9,090 and your sister will get $909. Just to be fair....I would split the last dollar with her so you each get .50 more.

Is it illegal for letting someone claim your child on their taxes?

They can only do so if the child is a qualifying child or relative anyway...and they provided the support.