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As from my experience most health insurance companies will provide coverage for unmarried children under age of 19 who are primary's applicant dependents. A child will continue to be eligible until his/her 24th birthday when attends college or has a permanent or continuing mental or physical impairment.

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Q: Do you have to be a dependent to be covered by your parents insurance?
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Do you have to be a dependent to have auto insurance with your parents?


What is a dependent of an insurance subscriber?

The spouse, the children, and any covered adult dependent.

Can a corporation deny a parents health insurance to a 25 year dependent?

Retiree health insurance coverage is being denied on 25 year old dependent. I thought that the Affordable Care Act required that all dependents under 26 could be covered under the parents policy? Is there a loop hole disallowing dependent coverage of a 25 year old?

Married at 16 does parents insurance still cover?

Once you're married, you're legally considered an emancipated adult and would not be covered by your parents' insurance. You would be covered by your spouse's insurance.

You are 23 years old are you still covered as dependent under your parents medical insurance if you start freelancing?

Whether you are freelancing or not is not really the issue. The issue is whether you are willing to admit that you are still financially dependent upon your parents and whether they want you on their plan. It use to be that you had to be going to school - of some sort. Not anymore.

Can you use your parents' insurance policy to cover a car that's in your name?

Insurance Coverage on a Parents policy? Yes, So long as you are also listed by name as a covered driver on your parents Policy and your parents have an insurable interest in your vehicle. If you are a minor or a dependent still living at home then you might be able to get insurance cheaper through your parents than you could seperately. You "by name" would need to be added along with your vehicle to your parents policy to be an insured driver.

Are you covered under your parents health insurance if you are pregnant and a minor?

This will depend on the kind of health insurance your parents have. Some health insurance may cover pregnancy while others do not. You will need to contact your insurance agent and ask them about your family coverage.You should also have a insurance booklet that states what treatments and doctor visits are covered and what is not covered.

What is the rule in a medical insurance company sending you a notice that a dependent wasn't covered back in January but you were never notified until the end of September?

Why wasn't the dependent covered? Can you prove you were never notified? Is COBRA or HIPAA involved? What does the Insurance Contract say? Brochures? Did the insurance company have an obligation to notify you?

Who has primary insurance coverage for a dependent child when both parents have coverage?

The parent who was born first in the year. In other words if the mom was born in June and the father was born in July, then the primary insurance would be covered by the mother. This also applies to both parents being born in the same month. Whoever was born first is the primary holder of the insurance.

If a dependent has a license in PA but doesn't own a car or drive does his parents have to have insurance for him?


Does Illinois have car insurance for teen drivers?

In answer to your question, teen drivers can get insurance in Illinois. However, they must be covered under their parents' auto insurance policy. The cost will be higher for the parents.

Are newly licensed drivers covered by parents commercial insurance policy?