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Try school

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Q: How can you find a cute guy for a girl who is 12 years old?
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What if a girl calls a guy cute?

then the girl has a crush on him my girl calls me cute and i used to not like it but im ok with it now

What if a girl call a guy cute when you seen her once?

Then even if you haven't noticed it is possible she has a crush on you. Sometimes seeing a guy once is enough to make a girl think your cute. I hoped this helped =]

Can a guy get confused by a girl that called them cute?

yeah . :)

Why do guys think its cute that a girl craps her pants?

I have never heard of a guy thinking its cute when a girl craps her pants. Seriously if its only one guy he has problems bc craping your pants is never cute!

Good romance anime with a cute guy and cute girl and that involves a love triangle complex?

Peach girl. Hope that helps

Why do many girls say boys are cute is it about how they look or their attitude?

It depends on the girl. Some girls call a guy cute do to their personality. Others call a guy cute do to their looks. It really depends on the girl who says it. It is even possible that the girl likes you for your personality and your looks.

Would a girl date a cute guy she once saw kissing another guy?

Sorry but no

Is it important for a guy to give a corsage to a girl?

yes its traditional and cute

Does this girl like you when she finds you cute?

If a girl finds you cute, she might like you. Key term is might. I'm saying this because not every girl wants to date a guy they consider cute. Most girls like the badboy guy, but if you want her to like you just be yourself, it's as simple as that ;)

What is a sentence for fracas?

My friend and I got into a fracas over who saw the cute boy first. (Or 'cute girl' if you are a guy)

What does it mean if your girl cousin calls you cute names if you are a guy?

Well she likes you or she thinks that you are adorable or you are cute(no ther)

Who will ever date you?

If you're a guy,any girl that thinks you're cute! If you're a girl,any guy that thinks you're pretty!