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There are a variety of Huggies Diapers available in different sizes, and comfort from infants to toddlers.

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Q: How many varieties of Huggies Diapers are there?
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Who invented huggies diapers?

who invented huggies

Does Huggies have coupons for their diapers?

Huggies does have coupons for their diapers on their website. These coupons are not always available but they can be found periodically.

What are huggies diapers made of?

huggies diapers are made of playdo! ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!

where can I get good diapers for my baby?

There are many brands of diapers to choose from these days. Many parents prefer to use Huggies diaper or Pampers if they are using disposable diapers.

What kind of cotton is Huggies diapers made of?

Huggies diapers are made of a blend of cotton and other materials, such as polypropylene and polyethylene. The specific type of cotton used in Huggies diapers may vary depending on the product line and design.

Are Huggies diapers biodegradable?

No. Disposable diapers are known to be extremely bad for the environment.

Are coupons avilable for Huggies Overnite Diapers?

Yes. Online coupon websites such as SavingCentsWithSense offers coupons that can save $2 on Huggies Overnite Diapers. The official Huggies website also offers deals.

Does Huggies overnites diapers work better than daytime diapers?

"Huggies overnight diapers should work better than daytime diapers, since they are designed more for longer wear and more durability. Hope that helps.."

What is the cost of huggies diapers in 2010?

right at $10.00

What brand of diapers holds the most water?

which brand of disposable diapers holds the most water the most absobent is huggies ok i ardree with you my liltle girl useis them

An Actor under 6'?

The babies in the huggies diapers ads.

How much water can huggies diapers hold?

Half a gallon